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What is the status of my order?

After each change of status you will receive a notification to the e-mail address provided when placing the order. The delivery time for each order is 1 working day from the moment of receiving the payment or choosing the payment on delivery. When the parcel is on its way you will receive a link to the e-mail address to monitor the package. The courier needs (from 1 to 2 working days) to deliver the package to the indicated  address.

I have not received the order confirmation, what can I do?
If you have not received an order confirmation email within 60 minutes from placing an order, check if it has hit the spam folder. This should not occur, but it may happen from time to time. Usually the order confirmation goes to your inbox within a few minutes or even seconds. If you can not find it even in the spam folder, and it's been over an hour since you have placed your order, please contact Customer Service.
Give us your name and phone number so that we can look for your order and see if everything is fine. Typically, the problem is in a typo in an email address or similar sitter. We can fix it quickly and send you the order confirmation then.
Thank you for your order!


Can I combine my orders?
Each order passes through a number of processes, so we can not combine orders into one.

How to make changes in your order?
It all depends on the status of your order. Any changes to the order can be made only until payment. If you have chosen payment on delivery - it is not possible to change the order.
If you change the form of payment, please contact our Customer Service

How can I cancel my order?
If you have placed two identical orders by accident, you have mistakenly ordered two pieces of the same product or you want to change your order in any other way before it is sent, please contact our Customer Service Office and as soon as possible and enter your order number.

Why was my order canceled?
Orders paid in advance by a Dotpay transfer, a traditional transfer should be paid within 14 days. After this time the order will be canceled. If you made the payment after this date, please contact our Customer Service Office giving the order number.
If you want to resume your order - submit it again.

I could not collect the parcel, what can I do?
If for some reason it was not possible to pick up the order and the order received the status of "missed order", it means that it has returned to the office of our company.
Please contact our Customer Service Office giving the order number.
Orders not accepted by customers are forfeited after 30 days from the date of the return and can not be recovered.

Can you change the delivery time?
Regardless of the delivery method you choose, we will inform you about the status of your order. On the website of the courier company selected, we will also provide you with the opportunity to accurately monitor the approximate date of the delivery. On the day before the delivery as well as a few hours before the delivery, you will receive a text message with a notification of the shipment. In most cases, you will be able to change the delivery date yourself.
In the case of delivery to the Pick Up Point - you decide when you pick up the package :).
Remember to check the condition and contents of the package in the presence of the courier, and in case of non-compliance or damage write down the loss report.


How to make complaints?
To submit a complaint, simply complete the complaint form. Attach it to the package with the complained product and then send it to us at MSG TRADE SP. Z O.O. SP. K.

ul. Wojska Polskiego 118 D,  97-300 Piotrków Tryb. Poland

Report the return on the website by clicking on my orders - this will speed up the return process
Remember that we do not accept shipments sent to us on delivery. The cost of returning the returned product is borne by the buyer. After accepting the parcel you will receive an email with a notification.

When are the complaints processed?
The complaint will be processed within 14 days. After positive consideration, you will receive another notification to your e-mail address. At the same time, the account number provided in the complaint form will give you a refund or a full-value item will be sent.

Has my package already arrived?
After receiving the package, you will receive a notification to your email address assigned to the order.

When can I file a complaint?
Complaints may be filed within two years from the date of purchase of the cosmetic. Notifications should be made immediately, no later than within 2 months from the date of occurrence of the product defect.

In what situation should you file a complaint or return the product?
Complaints should be reported when the product has a manufacturing defect.
The return should be made when the ordered products do not meet the expectations and at the same time they are factory packed, unused.

I received the wrong product, my order is incomplete, what can I do?
If you have received the wrong product or there is a missing product in your order, please contact the Customer Service Office, enter your order number and the name of the confused products. We will send you this item immediately and will investigate what caused the mistake to avoid similar problems in the future. Although our warehouse really makes an impression, some mistakes may sometimes occur, for which we apologize the most.


My package has been damaged, what can I do?

We are terribly sorry to hear that! Damaged items are not cool, so we'll do our best to fix this problem.
When we notice even a minor damage to the package, we have the right to check it in the presence of the courier. We must remember that the courier company is responsible for the condition of the shipment from its receipt from the sender until it is delivered to the addressee. Each package is insured for  1,000 euro. In order to claim a compensation or replace a damaged product, it is necessary to write a damage report with the courier. There are 7 days to write a damage report, however it is best to do it immediately, and the written protocol along with the order number should be sent to the email address.



Can I collect my order in person?
Unfortunately, there is no possibility of personal collection at the company's headquarter. We would like to remind you that shipping is free from 99 euro.


I have not paid my order yet. Where can I find a payment link or account number?

The confirmation link contains a payment link. This is the first message we send to you as soon as you place your order.
If you have chosen a quick Dotpay transfer or PayPal transfer, you will be redirected to the payment page. Choose your bank or credit card, log in and pay for your order. Data for a traditional transfer can be found in the contact tab on our website. Remember to enter the order number in the transfer title - it will significantly speed up the order.
Remember that the order should be paid within 14 days.

I do not want to overpay for the parcel. Which delivery method is the cheapest?

If you do not want to overpay, use the delivery option by DPD courier. This is the cheapest method of delivery in our store.

I care about the time. What delivery method is the fastest?

If you want to receive a parcel quickly - try delivery by DPD courier.



How can I return purchased products?

To make a return, please send a shipment of products to the address MSG TRADE SP. Z O.O. SP. K. ul. Wojska Polskiego 118 D,  97-300 Piotrków Tryb. within 30 days.
Attach the return report to the package. The money will be returned within 14 days from the moment the articles arrive and go to our warehouse.
You can download the return report from here. Report the return on the website by clicking on my orders - this will speed up the return process.

How much time do I have to return products?

The return should be made within 30 days. Time is calculated from the time of delivery of the product to the date of shipment.

What to do to replace the product?

The exchange in our store consists in making a return and placing a new order. Please return the product to us along with the return form. The funds for the order will be refunded by bank transfer within 14 days.


How to send back the package with the returned product?

The cheapest option is the economic package of Polish Post. The cost of shipping fluctuates around PLN 13. Remember that we return the cheapest shipping cost to the headquarter of our company.

When will I get the money for returned products?

Refunds are made within 14 days to the account number provided by you on the Return Report.


Availability of products

Will there still be an available product?
Deliveries to our store are regular, so the best way to check the availability of products is to track our website, where we present all products. We invite you to regularly browse the offer of our store.